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Local Plastic Injection Molding Factory

Local Plastic Injection Molding Factory

Getting your product made is important, but is where you get it made just as important? Of course! Getting your molds made and maintained is essential to the quality of your product. All over the TN area molds are brought to us here at Quality Mold Shop, a plastic injection molding factory located in McMinnville TN, to have their molds from China corrected. Just because a mold is priced up front cheaper doesn’t mean it will lower production costs.

Knowing where your mold is from as well as who worked on it are all big factors in the calculation of your bottom line. Why leave something so important to someone you’ve never met and lives across the globe and then it could get damaged in shipping! Quality Mold can provide your company with the high quality you deserve right here locally in McMinnville TN.

Not only does Quality Mold provide mold creation and maintenance, but we offer mold pickup and delivery! Another reason why having a local factory here in McMinnville is so vital to you as a company. Other services offered here are 3D scanning so you can reverse engineer a product if you so choose. If you need help with injection mold design we can help you there as well! From concept to production, we’re dedicated to our customers’ total satisfaction in each item delivered and each service provided. We have many trained and professional persons staffed on our floor just waiting to help you with your product.

When you work with Quality Mold Shop, you automatically get the benefits of our commitment to a clean work process, our high level material and production tolerance standards, and our dynamic systems approach to each process, from design to delivery. Bringing the best work we can to our local area and beyond is what we strive for. Get in contact with Quality Mold Shop today and find out how we can help you get moving on your product today!