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How do hybrids utilize eco-plastics?

The whole point of a hybrid is to be eco-friendly, so why would the manufacturers lean to more eco-friendly plastics? Of course that is easier said than done; what of the crash safety? There may finally be a breakthrough in the eco-plastics world.

With about 250 pounds (113 kilograms) of plastic in the average car, the auto industry is doing its part to fill the world’s trash heaps. When that average car outlives its usefulness, all that fossil-fuel-based plastic ends up in one of two places: either recycled into other plastic parts, releasing tons of carbon dioxide in the process, or spending anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand years in the average landfill, where it proceeds to take up space and leach harmful chemicals into the air, soil and water supply.
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What are eco-plastics?

When thinking of plastic “ earth friendly” isn’t on the list. From trash pollution, to length of deterioration, to recycling; plastics aren’t normally in on the favorable side of the earth talk. If we could fix the problem at its source, what plastics are made of, we can make them more eco-friendly. But how something would last in a situation where the plastic is being used for long periods, and will be outside a lot in the weather such as automobiles?

Most of us have understood for years that plastic is an environmental no-no. It’s fuel based, requires lots of energy to produce and it clogs up landfills for what might as well be forever. It’s difficult to imagine a plastic we can buy without guilt. And whether eco-plastics fit that bill depends on how “green” you want to be.
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