We Are An Injection Molding Manufacturer

Why work with us?

Quality Mold Shop is a family-owned and operated full-service plastic injection molding company. We make it a priority to have a positive effect on the lives of our employees, their families, and our local community as an injection mold manufacturer. We insist on building our injection molds in the USA, and we only purchase domestic raw materials when possible. We're proud of our reputation for being a top-quality plastic mold manufacturer with mold buyers across the United States.

Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is one of the leading material processes used to manufacture vital components for production of industry products. Our approach to mold manufacturing insures you get the quality, price and product you need, with the attentiveness of a local injection mold company. We work with each individual client and use the best material available for each application within our mold making company. From low volume plastic mold manufacturing to high volume production runs, we have the expertise and facilities to meet our customer's’ contract manufacturing needs. We will design and build your mold and monitor your quality specifications throughout the manufacturing process. Our In-house injection mold manufacturer offers product and tooling design. We can turn your product idea into an actual product ready for the market place better than any other injection mold company.